AriAni | Noble Skin Care Solutions

  • About the Owner

    Carolyn Jenkins, known to family as Carol and friends and colleagues as CJ, has been passionately determined to run her own business since she was a teenager in Cleveland, OH.  She demonstrated this by operating a mobile candy store in high school.  Starting in 1995, her entrepreneurial experience came to encompass the realms of entertainment, fashion, and marketing. Her dedication to self-employment was solidified in the early spring of 2018 when she left her lucrative and progressive full-time career behind to concentrate her talents and efforts on the new company Ariani | Noble Skin Care Solutions. 

    Through creativity, brainstorming, research and planning, Carolyn developed a skincare solution unlike any other.  “The world yearns for a product like Ariani and I look forward to it being embraced as an outstanding solution to many skincare needs" the excited owner remark.  Carolyn has an Associates and a Bachelor of Science degree and has served as an Executive Assistant for the past 13 years.  These attributes embodied her with an executive mentality, professional etiquette, and a savvy business operational and organizational ability that enables her to lead Ariani to unprecedented heights.  When Carolyn isn't working you can find her reading, writing, making jewelry, working out, or sharing down time with family and friends.

    It is a distinguished all natural skincare product. You should give it a try.  You know you want to.